Hurom slow juicers are the best-selling slow juicers in the world. 

To send in your Hurom model, please use the digital repair registration. 

In this we need:

- Delivery address

- Contact (mail is mandatory)

- model name

- Serial number (upload as photo)

- Invoice (upload) 

You will receive a mail with access to the DHL parcel label after completion.

Always pay attention to a good packaging!

Further info:

- We need the unit complete, i.e. basic unit incl. press container.

- Own fault is not covered by warranty

To the digital repair registration (click here)

Otherwise, here are the warranty periods of the Hurom products officially offered in Germany / Europe:

Official importers: Künzi, Dahlert, Puregreen

2 years warranty

H100, H-AA, HZ, H200, H300, HP, HT, HH 2G, HH 1G, HE, HW

5 years motor warranty


10 years engine warranty

H100, H-AA, HZ, H200, H300, HT, HH 2G, HH 1G, HE

For out of warranty repairs the following prices apply:

Hurom Repair Price - out of warranty

Complete Repair129€149€
H-AI Upgrade169€-

incl. VAT - excl. Shipping costs

Autor dieses Artikels:

Herr Sasa Krsic

After Sales Manager

Main Elektroservice GmbH